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What is Thread Vein Removal and how does it work?

Thread veins (Also known as spider veins, capillary veins or broken veins) are purple or blue coloured prominent veins in the skin seen most commonly in the legs. They are harmless but are sometimes uncomfortable and may be very unsightly.  The cause of thread veins is often unknown but can be common after pregnancy, with hormone changes or if you have a job where you stand or sit for long periods.

Thread vein removal (known as Sclerotherapy)  is a safe and well established treatment for unsightly thread veins or spider veins  on the legs and is considered to be the gold standard treatment available. Although there are a number of alternative treatments, it remains the most reliably successful of them all, with an improvement in their appearance of 60 – 80%.

It is not suitable for patients who have varicose veins (lumpy, wriggly veins) or for facial veins.

What happens during Thread Vein Treatment?

All treatments include a comprehensive assessment of your veins using our special vein light and a Doppler ultrasound assessment. We will discuss the treatment options with you and take photographs of the area to be treated.

A special solution is injected into the thread vein with a very tiny needle. The injection is very superficial into the vein, causing the lining of the vein to swell and become sticky. This then causes the thread vein to shrink and disappear permanently. Compression is then applied to close the veins for 1-2 weeks to aid the healing process.

Results from thread vein treatment are visible after just one treatment but  can vary considerably from one person to another. You may need up to 4 treatments at 3 month intervals.

The thread veins that are successfully treated are gone for good, but the treatment cannot prevent new veins appearing in the future.

Does Thread Vein Treatment hurt?

This is not a painful treatment, the needles used are tiny and the injections are very superficial. You may experience some prickling and itching after treatment for a few hours, these symptoms can be relieved with anti-histamines which can be purchased over the counter in supermarkets and pharmacies.

What are the side effects of Thread Vein Treatment?

The thread veins will initially improve but then may look worse for a few days afterwards due to the effect of the injection. You may experience some tingling and itching in the area treated and the leg may have an aching sensation. We recommend the use of compression sock to improve the healing process and speed up the results of thread vein treatment.

The results will start to show after a few weeks and repeat thread vein treatment can be done after around 12 weeks.

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Thread Vein Removal Prices Antigua

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Thread Vein Removal Treatment Summary

Procedure Time
30-45 Minutes

Results Show
2 Months

Results Last

Back To Work

None Required

Possible Side effects
Bruising/ Swelling/ Itching