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Nicknamed the ‘vampire facelift’, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) might sound frightening but the results are fantastic! It became famous as the go-to treatment for celebrities such as Kim Kardashian

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy involves taking a  small amount of blood from your arm (similar to a blood test) which is spun to separate it into its different components. The platelet-rich part containing large amounts of regenerative and healing molecules is separated and then injected into the skin, using our collagen micro needling device causing the body to create new collagen and elastin, which are key to young looking skin.

PRP can also help with wound healing, scar tissue  and also stimulating hair growth in those who have thinning hair.

Treatment is painless as we apply a numbing cream 20 minutes before treatment. You may experience redness, similar to sunburn on the face for 2-3 days. The skin will emerge looking fresh, clear and rejuvenated. Have the treatment alone or with our Juvederm skin booster dermal fillers for the ultimate facial.

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PRP Facial And Hair Restoration Prices

All prices in Eastern Caribbean Dollar.

PRP Facial And Hair Restoration Summary

Procedure Time
30 Minutes

Results Show
7 Days

Results Last
Up to 12 months

Back To Work
24 Hours

Local Anaesthetics Cream

Possible Side effects
Redness/ bruising/ Discomfort