Pigmentation treatment Antigua

Living in a tropical climate can have a detrimental effect on your skin. UVA  & UVB rays cause premature ageing, sun damage and pigmentation.

Pigmentation of the skin can also be hormonal and made worse by life events such as pregnancy.

We are stockists of the full range of both ZO Skin health and Obagi skincare systems, both of which are clinically proven to treat skin conditions such as sun damage, pigmentation, acne and Rosacea. We use a combination of skincare products containing Retin-A and 4% Hydroquinone which work effectively and safely to reduce pigmentation.

We also stock Heliocare sunscreen to help prevent pigmentation and sun damage from occurring in the first place.

Book in for a free skin consultation and Observ 520 skin analysis so we can assess your requirements and provide a tailored skin care regimen for you.