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What is Jawline Sculpting and does it work?

Jawline sculpting is fast becoming one the most popular nonsurgical aesthetic treatments while taking away the need for cosmetic surgery.

A sagging jawline is a tell tale sign of ageing, while others can suffer confidence issues due to an under formed jaw. The most desirable look a woman can have is one of a chiselled, defined jawline.

Placing filler strategically into the skin and along the jaw line  structure strengthens the overall look and can have an immediate uplifting and tightening effect.

Amount needed to create  a defined jawline is purely based on consultation as each and every client is different. An average amount for a natural but noticeable look is 1.5 -2 mls either side of the face (Total 3-4ml)

What happens during Jawline Sculpting treatment?

An anaesthetic cream will be applied to the area prior to injection to numb the area to be treated.The procedure is not painful but you may feel a small amount of discomfort.
Treatment takes around 30 minutes but this depends on the area treated. Most people find that they can return straight back to work after treatment.

Downtime is minimal for this treatment, with most returning to normal activities almost immediately. The only thing we do require is no heavy intense exercise for 24/48 hours just to let the filler settle. Possible bruising at injection site and tenderness or swelling in jaw area but this should resolve within a few days.

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Jawline Sculpting Prices Antigua

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Jawline Sculpting Treatment Summary

Procedure Time
30-45 Minutes

Results Show
Immediately but best at 2 weeks

Results Last
12 Months+

Back To Work

Local Cream

Possible Side effects

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