Harmony XL Pro Clearlift Hollywood Laser Antigua

What is Harmony XL Pro Clearlift laser?

Treatment with the revolutionary Harmony XL Pro actively targets and treats lines, wrinkles and sun damage for fresher, tighter, ‘lifted’ skin. Boosts collagen to ‘lift’ and rejuvenate.

Clearer, fresher, tighter looking skin

The laser works deep within the skin, stimulating collagen and regeneration of the skin cells for a tighter, fresher appearance which makes use of your body’s own rejuvenation mechanisms.

Initial results are almost instant with skin both looking and feeling fresher and brighter and will improve over time as the collagen and skin cells repair.

We recommend a course of 4-6 treatments done every 3 weeks

All ClearLift treatments are ‘lunchtime procedures’ that are virtually painless with little or no downtime, no need for pre-treatment anaesthetic and safe for ALL skin types.

It can be used to treat:

  • Sun damage
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Loose skin
  • Lost firmness and smoothness
  • Saggy jowls, jawline and neck skin
  • Skin that has been overexposed to the sun e.g. decolletage
  • Patients that have lost weight, leaving exaggerated loose skin
  • Patients seeing the signs of ageing

What to expect during your Harmony XL Pro Clearlift laser procedure

No numbing cream is required for the Clearlift laser facial and there is no ‘downtime’ , meaning you can return to work immediately afterwards.

After a consultation and skin assessment we will determine which one of the various laser applicators we will use to give you the desired result for your skin. For extensive sun damage and pigmentation we can also combine with our Harmony XL Pro IPL tip. In this case you will get the 2nd treatment at 50% discount.

Are there any side effects with Harmony XL Pro Clearlift laser?

There are minimal side effects to the Clear Lift laser. The skin may appear red and any pigmentation will darken 7-10 days following treatment. This can be covered with makeup. Final results are 14 days following treatment. A course of 4-6 treatments may be recommended depending on the severity of redness/ pigmentation treated.

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Harmony XL Pro Clearlift prices

All prices in Eastern Caribbean Dollar

Harmony XL Pro Clearlift Laser Treatment Summary

Procedure Time
30-45 Minutes

Results Show
2 weeks

Results Last
Permanent unless skin exposed to sun, in which case 6-12 monthly treatments recommended

Back To Work

None required

Possible Side effects
Redness, mild swelling, darkening of pigmentation

Harmony XL Pro Clearlift Laser Before & After Images

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