Chronic Migraine Treatment Antigua


What is a chronic migraine and how can I treat it?

Migraine is a disorder of the brain where the nerves become over-stimulated and cause a cascade of chemicals to be released. It is not caused by a structural problem in the brain. Migraine pain is usually throbbing in nature and is accompanied with nausea (queasiness) or vomiting; and increased sensitivity to light, noise, movement, or smell.

Migraine can be episodic (infrequent attacks) or chronic (more that 15 headache days per month). An estimated 1–2% of the population suffers from chronic migraines – defined as experiencing a headache for 15 days a month, eight of which are migraines. Some factors may ‘trigger’ a migraine but these vary between individuals and there is no one single migraine trigger. Known triggers include stress, alcohol, poor sleep and hormones.

When all other types of treatment for migraines have failed, your GP can refer you to have an injection of botulinum toxin A to provide relief. This medication works by blocking the neurotransmitter signal to the nerves that cause the migraine.

Our medical team have all received specialist training on administering treatment to prevent migraine symptoms.

Before you attend an appointment with us we will require either a referral letter from your GP or confirmation in the form of a printed ‘Problem list’ from the GP to confirm you have been diagnosed as suffering with Chronic migraines

What happens during migraine relief treatment?

Using very fine needles, we inject muscle relaxing injections of the drug botulinum toxin A precisely to seven key areas of the head and neck to help prevent future migraines.

Clinical studies have shown that botulinum toxin A can provide up to 70% relief in migraine symptoms.

Symptoms resolution can last 12 weeks, after which repeat treatment is required. Repeated treatments every 12 weeks have ben shown to consistent improve migraine symptoms.


Can I book an appointment without having a formal diagnosis of Chronic Migraine?

Many things can cause headaches and migraines therefore and we will therefore require evidence from the GP or a neurologist that you have been assessed and have a diagnosis of chronic migraine. For this reason we will always insist on a face to face or virtual consultation prior to treatment being undertaken.

Here are some useful resources to help you make a decision about the best treatment to manage your migraine

The Migraine Trust

The National Migraine Centre

Monthly migraine Diary

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Chronic Migraine Treatment Prices Antigua

Chronic Migraine Treatment Summary

Procedure Time
30 Minutes

Results Show
14 Days

Results Last
3 Months

Back To Work

None required

Possible Side effects
Localised Bruising, possible brow ptosis

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