Botox for Teeth grinding (Bruxism)

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Botox is well known for wrinkle reduction but is also an excellent treatment for jaw reduction and teeth-grinding (Bruxism).

Botox works subtly by weakening the masseter jaw muscle to give a softer jaw angle. Botox jaw reduction treatment inhibits the action of the masseter jaw muscle which leads to reduction in size of the muscle.

Results are noticeable after two weeks of the treatment with continuing slimming of the jaw for up to 5 months. Although Botox jaw reduction gives good results, it will not bring about any radical changes in your appearance but rather a soft and subtle change in the jaw, giving you a slimmer appearance.

Some causes of square jaw due to enlarged Masseter Muscle

  • Bruxism or teeth clenching: Some people have a habit of clenching their jaw and grinding their teeth even in sleep. This lead towards expansion of masseter muscle, making the jaw appear wide and square.
  • Ethnicity: Most of the men and women of Asian descend have square jaws which add to the masculine appearance. They want to achieve soft and delicate appearance therefore they undergo Botox jaw reduction treatment.
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Botox for Teeth grinding (Bruxism) Prices Antigua

Treatment includes a free top-up (if needed) at 2-3 weeks post procedure.

All prices in Eastern Caribbean Dollar.

Botox for Teeth grinding (Bruxism) Treatment Summary

Procedure Time
30 Minutes

Results Show
7-14 Days

Results Last
3-4 Months

Back To Work

None Required

Possible Side effects
Localised Bruising

Frequently Asked Botox Jaw Reduction Questions

The Botox is injected into the jaw line on both sides of the jaw which gives a slight pinching sensation. The injection procedure takes maximum 15-20 minutes and patients can return to their office or daily work activities after the treatment because there is no downtime of the treatment.

Minor side effects might include swelling, bruising , mild aching in the jaw muscles especially during chewing. These side effects are only temporary.